Sunday, January 11, 2009

It starts with an idea...

So there seems to be this tacit consensus that the world is going to pot.

I disagree. It's only heading that direction because that's what people tend to concentrate on. They can't really help it. There's a primal tendency for humans to focus on the negative. I'm sure it served as a survival mechanism way back when.

However, I have a mission to change the focus of the world from the negative to the positive. Not a huge change. I'm not saying we should turn our back on those who are suffering. Quite the opposite. But instead ask ourselves how we can have a positive influence (no matter how small) on what we're observing.

So instead of watching the constantly negative news on CNN and thinking "That's so sad" - maybe we'll be moved to make a change.

When we as a people can spend time consciously focusing our attention on the positives in life, the light, things begin to move, to change, and ultimately spread.

My goal here is to point out those places in life where pinholes of light are already shining through. Even if for just a moment of your week is turned into a smile, maybe, just maybe, we can make more pinholes of light.

Wish me luck.

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